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Welcome to Fringe ShowsHave Talent!!!
The Fringe Shows Have Talent Team Think they do

Fringe Shows Have Talent will be starting a TV series 
in the near future, so watch for it!
 In the meantime, come out and see for yourself that Frige Shows Do Have Talent at your nearest Fringe Festival or keep an eye on the latest Fringe Talent on

Now available:
Fringe Shows Have Talent Collectors DVD's showing an exiting and fun selection of fringe performances from the Dublin and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals for the years 2006, 2007 and 2008.
The film footage on these DVD's are
not available anywhere else and are truly a collectors item
Only a limited amount of these DVD's will be released

£UK 19.90 per single DVD
£UK 89.90 for 5 DVD's
£UK 149.90 for 10 DVD's

each DVD has over two hours playing time of a range of exciting music, theatre, dance
and comedy
Anyone interested in any of the
Fringe Shows Have Talent Collectors DVD's
please email
The Fringe Shows Have Talent Team at or

Also email us if you want your fringe performance to be selected on the list of fringe performances that the Fringe Shows Have Talent Team will be recommending to the INL News Group and their film making partners to
turn your whole fringe performance into a film to be shown at the yearly Fringe Film Festival
held at various locations around the world each year. The 2008 Fringe Film Festival was held
 on the 2nd August, 2008 at the Film House, in Lothian Road, Edinburgh.
In 2009 the organisors of the Fringe Film Festival, which are films made at a fringe festival,
about the fringe festival and/or of a fringe performance from any of the fringe festival
around the world.

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Bonnie From Brighton

Till Something Better Comes Along


Holly Penfield 2006 Edinburgh Fringe Video Two 

All Too Girly Show at the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Slipery Soap Box at the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

History of the development of the Free Fringe and the Laughing Horse Free Festival at the
 Edinburgh Fringe Festival whioch are now two separtate free Fringe Festivals as part of the
Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Truth & Lies      

In 2005 my collaboration with Laughing Horse left me suspicious of their motives,
but the shows went ahead, and they were successful.

For 2006 I found two new venues, bringing the total to four. A second performance room
was also opened at the UCW Club, bringing the number of spaces to five. The expansion
could proceed. Shows were booked; again, behind my back (This also happened in 2005).
Some of these booked shows promised to be good, and indeed were; others should never
have been accepted. The good news was that the expansion worked; full audiences were seen
at all venues, and they were happy. So were the performers.

It was on Thursday 24th August, ten minutes before my one man show started, that the
Laughing Horse accosted me and informed me that they were taking over and that he was
to consider himself sacked from the Free Fringe. I was also to consider myself dis-invited
 to the Free Fringe closing party.

I, Peter Buckley Hill, own both the name ‘Free Fringe’ and the majority of shares in
The Free Fringe Ltd., so the position was ridiculous. Nevertheless, the Laughing Horse captured
 three of the four venues used in 2006 for the rival festival they intended to organise,
and made a determined attempt to capture the fourth. Had they succeeded, free shows may
well have taken place, but the ideals and ethos of the Free Fringe would have died at that point.
The concept of performers operating collectively would have been replaced by performers working
for a promoter; no effective change to the status quo ante. The interests of promoters and
 performers can never be identical.

Once more, I had to fight for my invention. This time, I blame myself for involving the
 Laughing Horse in the first place, and not placing curbs on their activities sooner.
But with the enormous help of supporters and those who believe in the true ideals of
the Free Fringe, new and better venues were found. Performers will go back to acting as
a collective and co-operating with each other, as was the original plan.

And this brings us to the present day. The Free Fringe has seven venues, with good performers
doing all sorts of shows. We have even taken on some plays and other types of show.
The Free Fringe concept shouldn't be limited to comedy; we can help other art forms also to do
the Fringe at a reasonable cost.

We're still under threat; the rival "Free Festival", formed specifically to undermine the Free Fringe,
will confuse the public. The Laughing Horse, who registered the domain on behalf
 of the Free Fringe, are refusing to relinquish it, and it points to their web site. 
But we've fought off threats before; we're standing up to the bullies,
because we believe in what we're doing. It's a good deal for performers, public and
venue owners alike. Please support us.

Peter Buckley Hill
The Free Fringe

What's on at C 3 Venure 50
Brodie's Close
Lawnmarket Tel: 0845 260 1234

Welcome to C venues 2007 online

C venues 2007 programme launched

C venues offers you the best theatre, with new writing, brilliant revivals, and high quality shows for children. With over 160 shows from 140 companies, it's the largest programme of theatre on the Fringe. 

Relax in our cafe-bars at C, C soco, C baraka, C too, C cubed and C central. Mingle with performers and Fringe-goers, and don't miss our late night events programme,
 The Establishment. 

It's a Festival all of its own. Make sure you see it all.

Tickets for our 2007 season are on sale 

News of special offers, ticket deals and events will be posted 
hereregularly, so be sure to check back soon. 

For administration or press enquiries please call us on 0845 260 1000 or email

   Apocrayphal Tales Told in the Dark by Orlando Reade....
Is an exciting, interesting and vibrant play which is a well written and acted, a study of a part of
life that is important for society to understand....definately 100 star performance by the actors and concept
by the writer, who all will no doubt go to produce many more professional performances in the theatre and film.... will regret missing this play while at the Fringe........ 

                                        .......100 stars................

       ..........USA Weekly News...........

Cambridge University ADC presents the world premiere:
A Challenging new work exploring the timelessness of love and loss in a broken society
C3, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket,
 Edinburgh. 2 - 27 August  2007.

The Cambridge University ADC presents the World Premiere of
A New Play by Orlando Reade.

World Premiere and Press Night – Thursday 27 August 2007, 7pm.
C Cubed (Venue 50), Brodie’s Close, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh.

Attempt 3.4- Present Attempt....

ON AT C3 50
Brodie's close LAWN MARKET
9.45pm (1hr.05) 
Attempt 3.4 unfolds a map of the city...which city we are not quite sure....
 they seem to build a different city each night.....
Four people... lost.,,, coloured light bulbs illuminate their search for each other
as they travel the grid of the city. 
Sometimes they meet, 
sometimes they just brush shoulders, 
sometimes they just slip through the web, 
but instead of loss, they discover the pleasure of falling......

A play that is clever, zany and sometimes absolutely madness..
which grips all the way as the actors take you into their city building world.. 
you will never ever see a city built like this again.......
This play stands on its own with a free form script that is written by
 the actors which is constantly changing and moving and is set to be a world wide hit in all countries through the world with the actors and thge play developing into almost cult status which would see this play runs for years through the world.. an every cahnging the city they build each night is every changing.... a play that you could see time and time again as it is gripping...changing and evolves, never the same......

Another special play that well deserves USA WEEKLY NEWS 100 star rating award...

        ..............100 stars...................

  ......USA WEEKLY NEWS......

Apocryphal Tales Told in the Dark
Six Bible stories, no longer timeless, become twisted in the context of a modern dystopian London. Apocryphal Tales is a challenging new work exploring the timelessness of love and loss in a broken society. 
An underworld of drug dealing delinquents, recovering alcoholics and a lone female tramp clashes with a deeply middle class married couple in crisis. Whilst faithful to the original Biblical dilemmas the stories prove that although the questions remain the same, the answers change. Orlando Reade has thoughtfully created a beautiful 
work with a wide appeal. Picked up by the renowned Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club – a stalwart of the Fringe for the past two decades – 
the show premieres on Thursday 2nd August at C Venues (C Cubed - Venue 50), Brodie’s Close, off Royal Mile.

ASKA- Japanese Drum Troup
 on at the Assembly 58 George Street Edinburgh at 15.30 to 16.30
Richard Walkers 'The Racket' on at the Zoo 140 The Pleasance at 17.15 to 18.15
an amazing and stunning performance... 100 stars
                  USA WEEKLY NEWS


Also on at the Assembley St Georges is Bigger Than Jesus a WYRD and Necessary Angel Production by Rick Mill and Daniel Brooks, performed by Rick Miller (MacHomer) Directed by Daniel Brooks, Designed by Beth Kates and Ben Chaisson
Virtuoso performing and staging! Don't miss this... Variety
The may be the best one person show I've seen. A spectacularly good evening of acting-and writing. Bravo....The Bayview Post Magazine
Sinfully funny. A fast moving and provocative pece from the many voiced creator of MacHomer. It;s important. Don't miss this.....CBC Radio
Humour intelligence and superb theatricality.....Toronto Star, Year Top Shows
For more great shows at the assembly
Scottish Dance Theatre
Bridget Christie

We spy...CELEBS!

Edinburgh in August is.....vibrant with colour, steeped in culture,
alive with music and laughter and abso-flippin-lutely jam packed full of....CELEBRITIES!

In the pubs, along the mile, up the mound, in the pubs, at shows, in the pubs..! 
They're taking over the city, and we Fringey's wanted to share our sightings (A List to Z List,
we're not fussy!) with you...

Zoo Venues


Simon Brook Richard Walkers 'The Racket'
.....a show not to be will regret not seeing this play......
 The Racket received the USA WEEKLY NEWS 100 star special award.......
on at the Zoo 140 The Pleasance at 17.15 to 18.15
Jason John Whitehead-Canadian Commedian-
on at The Tron 19.30 to 20.30 Edinburgh 2007 Fringe Festival
Watch a live video of Jason Whitehead at the NZ Comedy Festival
                     ...a very..very.. very.. very.. funny guy..... 100 stars
                 .....USA WEEKLY NEWS......

Got an idea? Suggest it to our wish-list.

Views: 7693

Certified Male
Marcia Brown
San Francisco Magic and More- a showcase of San Francisco's top variety performers.. on at the Zoo 140 The Pleasance Edinburgh action packed show...full of surprises..keeps you guessing..
  100 stars       ...........USA WEEKLY NEWS

The Zoo's stodio theatres play host to the best in classis drarma and bold new writing
 form the UK and abroad, interspersed witth a string of Fringe comedy, as well
as our own thrilling unpredictable cabaret nights,
where absolutely anything could happen, and probably will.

           Tel: 0131 662 6893

The Zoo is proud to present 
Richard Walker's "The Racket"

                   Yes your right!!!!!!!       George Bush will not like this play  ....
            hits too close to the truth............
        ........if your from the USA  or you just want to know who controls the racket you should not miss this one............

 A tale of two men, one beautiful idealist, one dead general and a war launched on lies
Written and performed by Richard Walker fomr the 3rd to the 27th August 2007 5.15pm every night at the Zoo Venue 124- 140 The Pleasance, Edinburgh, Scotland

THE RACKET - A Living For Today Production


 A Living For Today Production-Directed by Anna Barry and Andrew Neil

A tale of two men, one beautiful idealist, one dead general...
Oh and one bloody war.
Click here for video video clip of 
The Racket

A political drama of two lives affected by war -
told with humour and pathos.

Who runs the RACKET?


First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street 1:
Address Street 2:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:

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